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Start 2023 with a plan to win, a plan to be successful or victorious, and make your life matter, first to you then everyone around you will see the success you have accomplished.

Plan to come in first in your own world. Make getting a successful personal outcome more important than any other issue you have in your world. Write a plan of success that will work for your special situation and needs. Be specific and don’t cut corners. Start with the simple things and add on.

1 .Get up by 7:00 a.m.

2. Shower

3. Eat breakfast

4. Give thanks

5. Get to work

·Work hard to prohibit any future complications or problems. Strength and conditioning are vital to improve and prevent complications, and take great pride in developing customized habits that deliver results.

1. Take a class

2. Study something new or important

3. Read a book

4. Exercise

5. Laugh with family and friends

6. Don’t use any drugs or substances not prescribed by your doctor.

· Be victorious and achieve great and small victories. Triumph over an enemy in a battle or war for your life, and conquer addictions and strongholds.

Just Say NO to drugs and Substance Abuse!

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