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 For 25 years, DEMCO  has been  a nonprofit organization whose goal  has been  to heighten and promote educational, economic and social stability through the provision of tutorial services, academic programming, social and economic development. Through the DEMCO Academy, DEMCO has been serving the communities in the State of Delaware, specifically Kent County.

DEMCO staff is comprised of an experienced team of experts in key areas such as mathematics (k-calculus), reading, language arts, science, history, substance abuse prevention, violence & suicide prevention, economics, social studies, Mandarin Chinese and computer science.


DEMCO, known for its creative and innovative anti –bullying and substance abuse prevention programming offers programs such as Cultural Health Ambassadors’ Project and Books and Basketball, which draws students from Sussex and Kent counties. DEMCO staff is also uniquely qualified to offer STEM courses that can be rarely conducted by community organizations  because they lack the expertise to do the instruction. However, with DEMCO this reality is not the case. DEMCO staff specializes in math and science. 


Thus, DEMCO continues to provide    cutting edge courses such as math in the city, stock market challenge, weird science and other science courses which include robotics, forensics, neuroscience and biochemistry to Delaware students from diverse backgrounds and varying learning styles  free of charge  that would rival  any  the course offerings of many academic institutions.

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