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Meet the DEMCO Senior Vice President and Director of the DEMCO Academy
Dr. Linda Hackett

DEMCO is fortunate to have an exceptional leader and innovator as its Senior Vice President.  Dr. Linda Hackett's visionary leadership is invaluable to the success of DEMCO. The following  information outlines her wealth of experience: 

  • FMR Human Relations Commissioner

  • Professional Advisor/Organizer

  • Capital School District Partnership with DSU 

  • FMR. Alternate Routes Advisor DSU and UFD 

  • FMR. Student Council Advisor 

  • Math League Advisor

  • Math Department Chair 

  • Teacher Mentor

  • FMR. Workshop Facilitator, University of DE

  • Teacher Resource Center Trainer 

  • Grant Writer

  • community development Organizer

  • Real Estate Owner, DEMCO Mentor  Advisor 


Educational Credentials

Highly Qualified Teacher Certification, State of DE. CSD., , M. A. Human Resource Management and School Supervision; Doctorate- Theology

Advanced Courses Mathematics, Certificate Strategies Assist Struggling Readers, Certificates Prevention, Alcohol, drug  Suicide


1. A Religious Based Value System Overcomes the Challenges of Diverse Cultures, Diverse Religions, and Indifferent Behaviors in Education

2." Student Mentoring Program" Co-Author " Outdoor Classroom" Math/Science Curriculum Classroom Management Group Setting

Bar Chart

Middle School Educator/Principal Alternative School

Offering over 40 years of Achievement in Developing Productive Student-Focused environments to Maximize Learning Experiences

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