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DEMCO History


DEMCO is a non-profit organization founded by a group of concerned and active professionals who were born and raised in the targeted population with one common goal, the betterment of the nation through grass-root educational and economic outreach.  These individuals are responsible for all projects from their inception to completion.  They bring a myriad of experience necessary for quality and successful program implementation.


The DEMCO Academy is committed to serve as an environment outside the traditional classroom, which will serve as a community resource, sharing methodologies to approach curriculum instruction, and assessment.  DEMCO will use a wide variety of techniques and options to meet the needs of diverse student populations.  DEMCO’s commitment is to help every student achieve high academic standards.  To this end, various methodologies will be offered at every level, identifying and efficiently responding to the full gamut of learner needs and interests, challenging all students to achieve their maximum performance level.

Thus, the DEMCO Academy After-School program is uniquely positioned to effectively offer cultural, artistic, agricultural and recreational programming.  DEMCO’s team of qualified educators and community organization partnerships will successfully incorporate tutoring and academic enrichment activities that support student achievement in the classroom, and help students meet proficiencies required by the Capital School District and the State of Delaware.  Moreover, the proposed afterschool enrichment activities creatively incorporate and stress lessons of conflict resolution, suicide prevention, and nonviolence. 


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