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DEMCO Wants You To Know.....................

Don't self-medicate!!! And don't be taken by surprise!!!!!

Be cautious of the ongoing threats of COVID-19, RSV, and respiratory syncytial virus. According to the state Division of Public Health, a total of 505 RSV cases were reported in one week in November and this number is based on providers voluntarily reporting laboratory-confirmed cases.

Emily Lyte, of Delaware News Journal, Healthcare providers across the state have expressed concerns about this increase and nearly every hospital has reported an influx of patients with respiratory illnesses, including RSV.

86 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 as of November 9 and this increased to 99 as of November 17. Governor Carney has emphasized along with health officials that its important to consider the context of the previous years. In November 2020 there were 127 hospitalizations and 148 in 2021. The past two years did see a rise in hospitalizations during mid-January with 759 hospitalized in 2022 and 474 in 2021. As of November 10th, only 23.8% of people 65 years and older have received a bivalent booster dose in Delaware. Getting the bivalent booster targets both the original strain and the omicron strain of COVID-19 and will be key in protecting people and reducing the severity of illness this winter. There have been 1404 reported cases of the flu between October 2 and Nov.12. The flu is coming in earlier and harder this year in Delaware, as it is across the country. Last year, flu cases only started appearing in November, but this year Delaware has already reported 800 cases, by Dec. 5 DPH now offers a public website for tracking flu cases and vaccination rates similar to the COVID-19 charts. Get Help!~!!! Go to the Urgent Care !!!!! For all of your illnesses and even your addictions!! Don't use an addictive street drug to deal with your Flu, RSV, and/or COVID illness. Get medical help!!! Prevention is Key !!!!!!!!

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