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Updated: May 24, 2023

You can have PEACE while going through trials.

Sometimes we need to burn away anything that’s taken root in our lives and keeping us bound. Sometimes God allows us to walk through the fire so that He can step into the midst of it and sustain us, and to show others what He can do. Sometimes our biggest storm can be a beacon of hope in other’s storms to show them that God is with me in the fire.

There is always a way to survive in the fire, we have to search until we find it. When a season of our life is particularly difficult, we often refer to it as “going through the fire”. Usually that feels pretty accurate, too. Many times, in the midst of those seasons, we feel like no matter what we do there is little or no relief and we are getting burned no matter which direction we turn.

Fire is mentioned (in MANY different contexts) throughout the Bible. But for our purposes, for this blog post, a fire is a trial. It’s a hard season of our life, that often leaves us with burns and places on our skin that are sensitive. Sometimes we are left with wounds where even the slightest touch makes us wince and withdraw in pain.

We have ALL been through those places. We’ve been through the fire. So if you are going through a fire, be encouraged! You are not alone! Stay faithful! Let it burn away the things that bind you and hold you back. Let it burn away the things that are inferior and that are not in God’s plan for you. Come out on the other side refined, delivered and not even smelling of smoke!

I offer you PEACE, Stay Drug and Substance FREE !!!

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