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How to acquire PEACE of mind

Peace of mind, also described as inner calm, refers to an internal state of tranquility. When you have mental peace, you might feel:

  • at ease within yourself

  • a sense of self-compassion

  • unruffled by day-to-day worries

  • prepared to welcome whatever life tosses your way

To acquire PEACE of Mind you must be:

  1. accepting what can’t be controlled

  2. forgiving yourself and others

  3. staying focused on the here and now

  4. going within

  5. journaling your thoughts and emotions

  6. connecting to Mother Earth

Spending time in nature or with friends helps bring peace:

  • soothing worry, anger, or fear

  • easing stress and promoting relaxation

  • lower your risk for depression and other mental health conditions

  • enhancing feelings of kindness and social connection

  • improving concentration and focus

A few ideas to try:

  • Visit a neighborhood park.

  • Explore a national forest.

  • Challenge yourself with a hike across rugged terrain (safely, of course!)

  • Relax at a nearby beach or lake shore.

  • Get your hands dirty with a little gardening.

You don't have to resort to drugs, alcohol, and other substances to acquire a release from your distractions and pain. There is a certain level of peace you can decide to stay on to be okay. If you try to trace every thing that causes you depression and fear, you could waste a lot of time or backwards , go forward instead.

JUST SAY NO to drugs and substance abuse.

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