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DEMCO wants you to know......

PREVENTION leads to a better YOU!!

In addition to living a quality life style that doesn't include smoking and drinking or substance abuse. Make sure to visit your doctor and have regular health check-ups. People from all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities can see their lives or the lives of their loved ones harmed by substance abuse. Get the treatment program you need to help overcome addiction. Its easier to just not to start than it is to stop an addiction.

We want to bring recovery to those suffering from substance abuse and addiction. Through compassion and understanding, there are gender specific programs out there to break through to the core issues that drive negative, destructive, and co-dependent behaviors.

What is included in preventive care for adults?

All Affordable Care Act health plans must include a list of preventive services for adults without assigning a copay. These services apply even if you haven’t met your plan deductible and include the following (partial listing):

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening for males who ever smoked

  • Alcohol misuse counseling (includes screening)

  • Aspirin use for cardiovascular conditions and colorectal cancer for high-risk adults

  • Screening for blood pressure

  • Cholesterol screening for high-risk adults

  • Colorectal cancer screening (Ages 50 to 75)

  • Screening for Depression

  • Screening for diabetes (Type 2) for obese adults ages 40 to 70 years

  • Diet counseling for high-risk adults

  • Falls prevention for seniors age 65 years and over

JUST SAY NO to Drugs and Substance abuse.

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