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DEMCO wants you to know.....

There are safe effective methods to treat and manage your pain. there are proven non-opioid therapies that you should consider to manage your pain. Talk with your healthcare provider to learn if there is a therapy- or combination of therapies- that is right for you.

Acupuncture- A therapy that targets peripheral nerves using thin needles, heat, and pressure applied to certain places on the body to stimulate relaxation and decrease inflammation.

Chiropractic therapy - A treatment during which the hands or special instruments are used to manipulate the spine to reduce spinal stress, tension, inflammation, and pain.

Healthy Lifestyle- Movement, including exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and getting adequate sleep can make a difference in how you experience pain.

Massage -A type of treatment during which the soft tissues of your body are manipulated, using stretching techniques and applying varying degrees of pressure to ease muscle and joint pain.

Physical therapy- Exercise, hands-on therapy, and education about that pain that includes active participation in recovery.

Yoga - A form of exercise that combines breath control, meditation, stretching and movements to strengthen muscles and relieve mental stress.

You should know that:

Pain after surgery is NORMAL.

Most pain is worse for two to three days.

Chronic pain may not instantly go away- it often takes time and a combination of therapies to resolve.

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