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Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It’s the emotion evoked by well-being, success, good fortune, or the prospect of possessing what one desire. It’s a state of happiness or felicity. (Source: Google & Merriam Webster)

Joy is a core human experience, but we often don't understand the true depth of its meaning in our lives.

Many people have an enduring and underlying sense of something that is deeper than the emotion of happiness, some have come to describe this as joy. Others have also noticed that joy is more complex than a feeling or an emotion. It is something one can practice, cultivate, or make a habit.

It is suggested that joy is most fully understood as a virtue that involves our thoughts, feelings, and actions in response to what matters most in our lives.

Joy is an enduring, deep delight in what holds the most significance.

Joy is different for each individual, just like how everyone has their favorite food, song, or place. But, whatever your method is for finding happiness, the important thing is to find joy in your own life and your own self.

Today find joy in your own way without the use of alcohol cigarettes or drugs. Find it in a happy thought, in your children, in a smile. Find joy in your plans for your future, in a joke or visit someone and practice bringing joy to your empty moments. Take over your life and fill it with JOY.

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