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DEMCO wants you to know....

We know that there is a person with feelings and emotions behind the "Mask".

What mask do you wear? Not the face mask that you use to safeguard against COVID. The mask may hide and cover your true self or some aspects of your personality.

No matter how close we are with our friends and folks, most of the time, we don’t open up completely. We hide some parts of ourselves.

Well, there is nothing wrong with it some of the time. Some thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and opinions are better hidden because the chances are high that people may perceive them in a wrong fashion or misjudge your character and nature.

But there are some thoughts and fears that we mask with a smile or action that is totally contrary to how we really feel. Often we disguise them with drugs and stimulants, fake smiles, and laughter to suppress those things we don't want to reveal, not wanting to look bad or to be frowned upon.

We all wear a mask, that covers up the part of our personality that we want to hide. Depending on the circumstances, we will change the face mask or take it off to reveal the real person behind it. For instance, to the world, you may be a charming, fun-loving, and carefree person, but people rarely see your introverted and analytical side.

Should you hide your sadness, fear, frustration, and other so-called negative emotions?

By hiding your emotions, you prevent clear communication with the people in your life.

This lack of communication makes it tough to navigate conflict.

When you can’t work through problems, they’ll probably keep happening. You might eventually become angry and resentful, and these feelings could trigger the conflict you wanted to avoid. You could also start avoiding people who provoke certain emotions, possibly losing relationships you value.

Emotional suppression can become so much of a habit that it begins to happen unconsciously, so you might also notice you begin to lose touch with your own feelings.

Or drown them in a sea of drugs and substance abuse.

Please don't let this happen to you.

Prevent the emotional suppression that puts strains on your life and relationships, this can lead to unwanted STRESS and health issues.

Share your feelings honestly and prevent the negative effects of wearing a mask.

Prevention is KEY.

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