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DEMCO wants you to know....


We are a public service organization that is serving the Dover Community.

A public service is a resource offered by an organization, typically a government agency or private business, intended to support members of a community.

The government may offer services itself or offer funding to a private organization to provide them to community members.

DEMCO serves as an environment outside of the traditional classroom with the DEMCO Academy. We also offer WITT and MITT as well as the IC3, free technology classes and instruction. DEMCO has Job Readiness Training, Shadowing, Keyboarding, Life skills, and Healthy Living Training.

DEMCO makes services accessible and they are important because they can help maintain a location's infrastructure, improve its economy, and protect the environment.

Healthy educated and equipped people are ready to take on the responsibilities of life so their choices change. People want to live, not merely exist. They are less likely to result to drugs and alcohol to support their misplaced rage and fear.

DEMCO, Bringing PREVENTION strategies to a community.

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