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DETOXIFICATION Is the First Step To Being Drug and Substance Abuse Free

For most people who are addicted to substances, detoxification is a required first step in finding sobriety. Clients who have been unable to stop using because of psychological dependency will need to admit to a detox center. This initial stage can take up to two weeks, depending on their addiction history and other health concerns. Usually doctors administer the detox process for each client and do everything they can to make clients safe and comfortable.

While leaving your home is never easy, especially when you’re feeling sick, but if your objective is to get sober, joining a residential treatment program can substantially improve your chances for an effective recovery.

In a addiction residential program, clients experience intense behavioral therapies to give them a firm foundation in recovery.

Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment is non-residential care designed to provide ongoing support for clients on their recovery journey.

In unusual cases, some clients may be suitable for a intensive outpatient program without completing a residential treatment first. However, for clients with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis, such as generalized anxiety or bipolar disorder, it is advised to begin with a residential program before moving down to any outpatient programs.

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