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Police: Are they supposed to protect and serve,

while you are under the influence of drugs or substance abuse.?

Families of the victims have little legal recourse against police brutality because police officers are typically protected from lawsuits by qualified immunity. Police occasionally face consequences for their actions

The motto, "To Protect and Serve," first coined by the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1950s, has been widely copied by police departments everywhere.

Police do have protocols for dealing with dangerous situations and these protocols emphasize the need for police to take rapid action. Taking action during active shooter incidents, rather than waiting for specially equipped and trained officers, can save lives and prevent serious injuries. Time lost by delayed action is likely to result in additional casualties."

There is guidance available for police on how officers in those situations should determine how to proceed with rapid response.

No matter how they do it, it will probably be extremely dangerous. They might be risking their own lives and the lives of others.

But as courts have determined, they have no obligation to do that.

So, the next time you see a police car roll by with "To Protect and Serve" emblazoned on the door, keep in mind they have no constitutional obligation to do that.

If you need police to protect you, all you can do is hope they will.

Officers who encounter an irrational person creating a disturbance have three choices: transport that person to a mental hospital, arrest the person, or resolve the matter informally.

The most important rule to protect yourself is to always be calm and polite. Even the most professional police officers can become aggressive if they feel threatened. Always be mindful of your language, tone of voice, and body language. It may feel frustrating to have to be respectful if you feel they are not respecting you in return.

To prevent casualties, keep a clear head, free of drugs or substance abuse control. Pray that works. Drugs and other chemical substances can alter reasoning and rational thinking causing negative responses.



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