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Alcohol is a Drug

Alcohol is a drug. It is classified as a Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant.

Alcohol is the intoxicating ingredient in liquor, beer, and wine. Alcohol is technically classified as a depressant because it slows, or depresses, basic functions such as speech, reactions, and movement. It also affects brain function, impairing the ability to think clearly, altering perceptions of one’s immediate surroundings, and distorting issues of judgment.

For good reason, people wonder if alcohol is a stimulant, like marijuana or caffeine. That’s because, when consumed, alcohol has an antidepressant effect, seeming to act like a stimulant rather than a depressant. One or two glasses of wine or beer may only bring alcohol’s stimulating effects. Once you consume more, however, you'll experience depressant effects as you lose coordination and start to take foolish actions. The depressant effects of alcohol get far worse when a person overdoses on alcohol, with results that can include vomiting, unconsciousness, and even death.

In many ways, alcohol is both a depressant and a stimulant, much like cocaine and nicotine, which also have this dual effect on the body and mind. They create positive, seemingly uplifting effects initially — but once that stimulant effect wears off, the depression after drinking can be profound, affecting all parts of the body and mind.

Let's all be Drug and Substance Free in 2023!

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