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DEMCO Wants You to KNOW.................

TUTORING is FUNdamental!!!!!!!!!

Tutoring is a proven method to improve students’ academic performance and help them feel equipped with the knowledge they need to excel inside the classroom and in life.

If you’re wondering about whether or not to seek out tutoring, here are some facts about it and how it helps.

Your student will be placed with the appropriate instructor and have the opportunity to form bonds that will keep them coming back.

You’ll quickly see how tutoring can make an impact on the life of the student and see growth and development as you continue to excel.

Tutoring can be offered both virtually, after school, and in-person tutoring options, making tutoring a convenient and flexible way to impact the next generation of leaders.

The last two and a half years have been tough on us all, but especially our students both young and older.

Receiving tutoring will bring back the human connection, attention, and support needed to help students accelerate academically and socially.

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