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Thanksgiving tends to get a bit busy, but Thanksgiving dinner definitely kicks things off with a bang. Although the holiday should center around gratitude and thanks, that message can get lost in the shuffle. Thanksgiving could be adopted as a daily habit instead of a yearly tradition, tangled in the long list of tasks required to pull off the hearty Thanksgiving meal. Between getting the house ready for people to come over, or getting ready to visit someone who may be alone, making sure that the cooking is so everything gets done (and not overdone) in time, and making sure everyone is entertained along the way, Thanksgiving can be one of the most hectic days on the calendar. Keep your guests busy with festive activities and friendly games that distract them from the chaos, or you can throw on a Thanksgiving movie to keep the kids where you can see them. But let this be your opportunity to remember that the holiday is all about giving thanks and sharing gratitude for friends, family, health, and all the blessings in our lives. On Thanksgiving, the food tends to take center stage, but there's a lot of holiday time that needs filling in. When your extended family or chosen friends gather to celebrate the holiday, it's also important to focus on the faces gathered around the table. Thanksgiving Day can be a long day, so you'll need some fun things to occupy the crew while waiting to carve the turkey and pass the pie. Establish a Thanksgiving tradition to liven up the festivities, and make memories together in the process. Don't forget to take some pictures, while you're at it while you snack on desserts. Get ready for every kid, teen, and adult to have a wonderful on Turkey Day!

Give Thanks !!!! Name a person that you're grateful for. Name something that you are grateful for. Name a memory that you are grateful for. Name a place that you are grateful for. Name a skill that you are grateful for. Name anything that you are grateful for.

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