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DEMCO wants you to Be FREE in 2023!!!!

A new year always brings with it a chance for new options and resolutions, like going Vegan ( no meat) for the first month of the year and Dry January (cutting out alcohol ).

Every new year brings new health trends and practices too. Healthcare providers suggest wellness examples from diet and exercise, to skincare and self-care. Here are healthy habits.

  • Boost collagen, it is healthy for the bones, skin, blood vessels, and all the body's organs . It comes in tablet form and collagen-rich foods such as fish, chicken, egg whites, citrus fruits, and garlic.

  • Gently exfoliate your skin. Rub or wash the dead cells from the surface of your skin.

  • Regulate excess oil in your skin and moisturize.

Exercise 15 minutes twice a day during the weekdays. 15 minutes of your lunch break do moderate-intensity exercise, then do the same thing again at the end of the workday.

A behavioral science approach will assist you in getting healthier. Focus on lifestyle issues:

  • Increased activity and exercise.

  • Making more nutritious meal choices.

  • Finding ways to reduce stress.

  • Getting enough sleep.

Your goal to improve your overall health can help you get moving in the right direction, and this will help you decide to get drug-free and substance-abuse-free and to live a much more productive life.

Prevention is key in 2023

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