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DEMCO wants you to.............

Fight and win!!!

Fight a good fight. Stand up to the bullies and conquer the war on drug abuse and addiction. Prepare to start your journey to destiny.

With all of the Christmas and New Year's activities now behind us, it's time to decide to make this new year great, by becoming a new you!

Find your serenity and embrace your true self. Set small goals and reach them through hard work and perseverance. If you need help seek it out and find the help you need to get where you want to be. Take a class and develop a new skill. Finish those tasks that you started on the road to success.

You are special and you have talents, explore them. There are people who have walked the path you are on and can help navigate you through the areas of your struggle.

Keep your mind, soul, spirit, and body clean and free. If you don't use drugs don't start. DEMCO supports your journey!!

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