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DEMCO is excited about 25 years of service!!

DEMCO is a tried-and-true staple in our Delaware community that works in schools and the community to offer innovative “state of the art” programming to the residents of all three counties of Delaware. Specifically, DEMCO is a lead partner in the 21st Century after school programs at several schools in Capital School District and has helped to initiate many unique and creative programs in order to help reduce the nonmedical use of prescription drugs and underage drinking. These programs have helped to give students the skills they need and the opportunity to gain additional academic time and, life skills support. DEMCO’s classes have three components Reading, Prevention (Bullying, Suicide, Alcoholism, Opioids and Substance Abuse) and an Elective. DEMCO is known for its creative use Evidenced Based Curriculums. Some examples of these creative and innovative programs are the Young Entrepreneurs, Young Authors’, Books and Basketball, Mentoring, Soccer and Robotics. Prevention tests are utilized to ensure the message is being received and gift cards are used as an incentive to complete. All DEMCO’s programs are provided free of charge so everyone can benefit.

Additionally, DEMCO’s work in the community is not solely based in schools, community centers and its facilities, DEMCO also facilitate programs virtually. These programs are not just for children but adults as well. DEMCO also conducts wrap around services and special events to meet the needs of the total family. For example, the “Women in IT Training (WITT)” and Men in IT Training (MITT) program enables women to improve their skills in the area of information technology to enhance their employment prospects. In that program, DEMCO also helps the children of the participants with their homework and any information technology needs they may have during the unprecedented time of remote learning due to the COVID pandemic.

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