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DEMCO announces that 4 students from its IT programs receive the coveted IC3 certification

DEMCO continues to set the pace for exemplar Non-Profit organizations and proves once again why it has been crowned by the Delaware community Non-Profit of the year (Multicultural) 2022 for the third year in a row. The IC3 certification (Internet Core Competency Certification) Digital Literacy certification is a global benchmark for basic computer literacy, including operating systems, hardware, software, and networks ("Total Seminars - Best-selling books plus practice exams for A+, Network+, and IC3 certification") 6 January 2013 "IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 6". Retrieved 2022-02-13). The IC3 certifications test concepts and skills that apply to almost any school or career pathway. IC3 has multiple standards and levels, including:

Global Standard 6 (GS6) - this is the current certification. It consists of three exams: Computing Fundamentals, Living Online, and Key Applications.

The IC3 certification exams are administered by Certiport. DEMCO Women in Information Technology (WITT) and Men in Information Technology (MITT) students take the exam which is proctored by the State of Delaware Department of Labor workforce development division.

DEMCO is proud of all its students past and present. For more information about DEMCO technology programs, please contact us at (302)346-5308 or visit our website at


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