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DEMCO Executive, Dr. Linda Hackett, participates in a Dover Community Policing Forum

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

On Saturday, February 20, 2021 attended the Dover Community Policing Forum. The Forum was initiated by NCALL of Dover DE. In attendance were Legislators, Community Leaders, Police from Local and DSU Forces. The stakeholders realize that everyone needs to be at the table to make significant change. Many issues that plague our communities must be addressed collectively. City of Dover Mayor Robin Christensen and a Delaware Senator and non-profit leadership from various organizations were passionately discussing local issues. Collaboration Meetings will be ongoing. Dr. Hackett stated, "She was specifically happy to see that Dover Police and Delaware State University police plan to work together in a more concerted effort because of the acquisition of Wesley to DSU. They forum also hopes to work with our youth and have programs in which the community and police can begin to work together and know each other more.

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