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How to Setup a Twitter Account

Need to send your members a breaking-news update on the legislature or call them to action on an issue before the school board? Twitter is a free, easy-to-use program that allows you to create “tweets,” which are 140-character messages that show up on the twitter pages of your “followers.” How to set up a Twitter account

• Go to and click on the “Get Started” button.

• Enter your name, desired username, password, and email address. • Type two words shown in the picture into the box below. This is simply to make sure that you are human and not a computer program trying to create a spam account. • Click on “create my account.”

• On the next page, you can find friends who are already on Twitter. You can enter your gmail, aol, yahoo, hotmail, or msn login information to allow…

How To Advertise on SoundCloud as an Independent Musician

SoundCloud has a massive audience just waiting for artists like you to share your content with. To help you out, they offer various advertising tools to help you gain more exposure. In this post, we’ll break some of them down for you so you can make the most of your efforts. Here’s the rundown…

How To Advertise on SoundCloud as an Independent Musician


Promote is a self-serve tool on SoundCloud that lets you choose targeting options (like age, gender, location, device or genre) to get your music in front of the audience you want on their Stream and mobile homepage. Targeting a release can benefit you in many ways. For example, if you’d like to build the hype for your new song in an upcoming city on your tour route before the day comes.

To do this, all you have…

省下买书钱:下载免费电子书和有声读物的 10 个最佳地点

您喜欢在电子书阅读器、平板电脑或其他设备上阅读或收听书籍。 也许您已经从亚马逊和其他网站购买了电子书。 但您也可以从许多不同的站点下载和访问免费书籍。 图书大百科、静思书屋、新城书站 book.cndgn.com和 大本图书下载中心 等网站提供免费书籍。 您还可以从亚马逊的 Kindle 图书馆和 Nook 图书馆获得免费赠品。

首先,阅读电子书,你当然可以使用专门的电子书阅读器,比如Amazon Kindle、Barnes & Noble Nook或Kobo。 但您也可以使用 Kindle 应用程序、Nook 应用程序和 Google Play 图书应用程序以及其他程序将您的平板电脑或 PC 变成电子阅读器。 为方便起见,Apple iPad 或 Android 平板电脑可用作在床上、沙发上或户外阅读电子书的便捷设备。 此外,您可以在智能手机或平板电脑、计算机、智能家居扬声器或 MP3 播放器上收听有声读物。 您会发现有几种不同格式的电子书,包括 Kindle、epub 和 PDF。 有声读物通常以 MP3 文件的形式提供。 下载或访问电子书和有声读物的最佳方式是从您要阅读或播放它们的设备上。 但您也可以将它们下载到 PC 上,然后将它们传输或同步到您的电子阅读器或移动设备。 此外,您可以从当地图书馆借阅电子书和有声读物,并通过 Libby、Overdrive、Hoopla 甚至 Kindle 等应用程序阅读。 但是那些你自然要在几周后返回的。 相反,您可以在以下 10 个地方获得免费电子书和有声读物。



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