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The new drug on the street " Tranq"/ "Zombie"

The flesh rotting / zombie drug

Xylazine – termed “tranq” or “tranq dope” when combined with heroin and fentanyl – is used in veterinary medicine to induce sedation, pain relief and muscle relaxation, but is not approved for human use.

Both xylazine and fentanyl are psychoactive and add to the effects that a user experiences. Fentanyl is a short-acting drug and the addition of xylazine extends the resulting feeling of euphoria to mimic the effects of heroin.

However, many users are unaware that the heroin is adulterated (or “cut”) with these other substances, and this can lead to unintended side-effects and even overdose.

For example, when xylazine is injected it can cause open wounds such as skin ulcers and abscesses to form. With long-term use, these lesions can become widespread across the arms and legs causing tissue death, hence its nickname: the zombie drug.

The drug can cause extreme drowsiness, reduced breathing, coma, and severe wounds.

Authorities mention that people might not be aware they’re ingesting Xylazine, as it may be added to other drugs.

Don't use drugs and other substance not prescribed to you by a medical doctor in order to treat your disease or illness.

DRUGS destroy


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