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DEMCO wants you to know.....

It matters how you feel about one another.

Don't allow yourself to be offended and its important how you treat people that you think mean nothing in your life or you think you don't need.

How do you treat people you think you don't need ? Your treatment of them will come back around to you in some way or form.

Don't allow vengeance to weigh your soul down, by closing your lips and rolling your eyes at them.

If someone has hurt you or offended you or if you have hurt or offended someone, (and everyone is offended in some way or another), don't stay mad learn to forgive and how to accept forgiveness.

This world that we live in is the land of offense, it effects your harmony flow almost daily, and it changes the atmosphere and causes "stinking thinking".

Stop, shut your mouth for a moment, and then confront them in kindness. They may change their opinion and attitude and if they don't , let it go.

Stinking thinking and hurt feelings often lead to drug use and substance addiction.


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