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King led a nonviolent campaign for racial justice during the civil rights movement. His contributions to the movement and to American democracy make him a worthy and important figure to learn about. MLK helped bring about the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Facts about Martin Luther King JR.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. was named after Protestant reformer Martin Luther. …

  • King entered college when he was 15 years old.

  • King was arrested 29 times.

  • King survived an assassination attempt a decade before his death.

  • After his death, the King family filed a civil case against the government and won.

Back in 1948, National Freedom Day was signed into law by President Truman as a national observance recognizing the outlaw of slavery enacted earlier in 1865 under President Lincoln during the civil war years.

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