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DEMCO wants you to know !!!!!!

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to check up on your families, friends, and community. Let's build strong drug-free communities! Your help is appreciated when you can and where you can.

Let's form a circle of love and support this holiday season and continue the war on drugs and substance abuse.

With your time, efforts, and donations we will create lasting chains of outreach practices and educational opportunities that will change the minds and lives of all in our community and families. Help us build DRUG-FREE COMMUNITIES and PREVENTION is the key.

Thank You in advance for your support. Remember that your charitable donation to our 501-C3 program is tax deductible and goes directly to the services rendered for the health and support of those who call for help, come by for assistance, or whom we go out and service through intervention and education every day.

Let us be the change in 2023!!

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